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TechAdventure Cave | 1 day | 2 dives
Discover Cave Diving $189
Experience Cave Diving - Cave Diving is not for anyone. Therefore, before booking a course, join this TechAdventure event to check what it is like. ....More... »

This event includes an introductory dive into the cave. After a very detailed briefing we dive in the cavern section and you learn the appropriate safety regulations concerning the cave diving rules.
The cave has no narrow spots, no ground sediment, a constant line, a limited penetration depth, air chambers to emerge and the dive is accompanied by experienced caves instructors.

After this dive experience you can safely say whether the cave dive is something that you would like to continue or not. If the interest is there, then it goes with the courses cavern diving, introduction to cave dive and the full cave diver course. Less
TechAdventure | 1 day | 4 Wrecks
Pirates And Their Wrecks $249
Four wrecks in two dives! - This TechAdventure event is for wreck lovers... ....More... »

From Boca Chica we start by boat in the La Caleta Underwater Park. Here our first dive will be the wreck of the El Limon in 18m water depth. From there we dive to the UFO, a oil pump of an oil platform. Than further to the wreck of the legendary Hickory the first ship of the famous treasure hunter Tracy Bowden -sunk in La Caleta.

Three wrecks in one dive!

On the way back we make another dive at the wreck of the Catuan, another tug boat. Lunch at Boca Chica and back to Bayahibe. Less
TechAdventure Tech | 1 day | 2 dives
High Tech - try gear, gadgets, advanced techniques $149
Tricks and tips from the most experienced tech diver in the Caribbean - Diving with new gear and different techniques ....More... »
High Tech' is an introductory dive that expands your knowledge on dive planning methods, in-water skills, try new gear or optimize your existing gear configurations in a controlled and fun environment.

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